Enables linking nebular data
to process and gain valuable insights

"enebular" enable many devices to connect nebulous data for IoT.

About enebular

enebular is a service that allows data linkage by simply connecting icons of major cloud services (API), database, and social media. When shared by the users, data flows connected by the service become collective intelligence.

Intuitive Development based on Graphical User Interface

Major cloud services, social media, etc. have pre-set icons that can be linked on the administration screen, relieving developers from complex programming tasks. Data flow construction and alert function implementation for IoT can be done easily with less man-hours.

Allows Connection of All Kinds of Data

All kinds of data, such as IoT/M2M data (wind turbines, trucks etc.), major cloud services (Salesforce, Treasure Data, Milkcocoa, etc.), marketing tools (Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, etc.), social media (Twitter, Facebook etc.), or data stored in the company’s own database, can be connected. There are no restrictions on the data format, so data can be diverted without making alterations in the service under being used currently.

Usage of Published Data Flow Contributing to Speedy Development

Constructed data flow (patterns of data linkage) can be opened and shared easily. Speedy construction of connected systems can be achieved by making use of flows that are already being opened.

Visualizing Connected Data

enebular customizes and visualizes connected data. The function is suitable for various purposes such as real-time monitoring of sensor data, or visualization of user behavior on the web.

For Those with Ideas based on IoT Leverage

Use of data flows (solutions) stacked by developers allows speedy verification of value. Depending on the issue to be dealt with, we propose existing flows, or also create new flows. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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For Developers

You can develop data flows using Node-RED-based editor. Developed data flows can be deployed to various devices and servers. Opening data flows and sharing them with others would promote utilization in other cases.

Case Example

In collaboration with Treasure Data Inc., U.S., we have implemented an IoT-based monitoring system for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.’s maintenance operation of wind turbines, one of their renewable energy businesses.

enebular is available for use free of charge. For large-scale usage, please contact us.